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@ashleypurdyinc: Wild and a little Crazy too.. Some girls don’t like boys like me. Aw but some girls do.. 😉✌️ #country


Alright, so with my first year of college ending in a few weeks, I decided that I was going to add a new segment this blog titled “Why We Love Ashley Purdy”. For now I’m going to keep it on this blog but if time allows and I get a lot of people sending in little reasons why they love Ash as well, I may make it an entirely new blog. But don’t count on that happening. 

When I was doing “bvbthings”, it was such a successful turnout and I’m sad to say that I won’t be returning and making more bvbthings, I’m moving on and doing it for Ashley, because now that I have my Ashley Purdy Instagram account ( it would make more sense. I’ve debated on this for awhile, so I’m happy to finally be doing it.

But just so I say this: it won’t be an everyday thing, especially when summer comes around because I’m setting goals for myself and I’ll hopefully have a job and won’t be on my laptop all day. But every once in awhile I’ll be posting reasons why everyone love Ash!

Be sure to send in your reasons for loving and supporting Ashley Purdy to my ask box

BVBTHINGS ARE BACK… kind of. I decided to restart this sort of thing on my fan page for Ashley Purdy ( and I wanted to say that I will not be continuing bvbthings on this account, it is purely just an average blog where I will support the five men in Black Veil Brides.

That being said if there’s something you love or admire about Ashley, whether it be a tattoo, bass, quote, etc. leave it in the ask box on my blog! Read the description above for more details. Hope to see all the bvbthings fans joining me in this new journey.<3

unpopular opinion:  i find imagine blogs to be highly disrespectful and they honestly just creep me the fuck out 

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Andy Biersack, Jeff George, and Ashley Purdy celebrating KISS’s induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

April 10, 2014